Thursday, March 05, 2015

Turn Your Old Couch into Bespoke Running Shoes

Hey couch potato, get off that couch! Vittel bottled water company will turn your old couch into custom running shoes.  Send a picture of your couch to Vittel Couch Converter along with a swatch of your couch’s fabric and Vittel will make and send you a pair of couch upholstered athletic shoes.

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Fashion On The Ration

An exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London shows how women managed to dress fashionably despite austerity and rationing during the second world war.

A set of Countess Mountbatten’s underwear made from a silk map given to her 
by a boyfriend in the Royal Air Force.

A handbag that doubled up as a respirator carrier.

Conserving fabric was vital, this wedding dress was worn by 15 different women.

More: The Guardian

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

So Long Doorknobs

You’ll have to take my doorknob from my cold, dead hand.

In September, Vancouver council adopted new amendments to its building code, effective next March, that, among other things, will require lever handles on all doors and lever faucets in all new housing construction.

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'Is College Bad for Girls?

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Trick Melts Icy Driveways

This winter I'm sure that there are many, including Mr. Nag, who will be grateful for this tip. 

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Dancing Paper Cranes

Origami cranes with electromagnets attached to their feet dance up a storm when electric currents are applied to the board they're standing on.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Making Iced Tea at the Chatuchak Market

Making a Malaysian iced tea called Teh Tarik in the largest street market in Bangkok, Thailand.


Monday, March 02, 2015

17th Century Wearable Abacus

This fully functional abacus ring from the Chinese Qing Dynasty is made of pure silver.  It has seven rods and on each rod there are seven beads that move smoothly along the silver rods. A small tool is needed to operate the beads because fingers are too large to do the job.


Anti-Paparazzi Flashback Clothing

The Betabrand Flashback Collection is an anti-paparazzi clothing collection designed by Chris Holmes that's made out of fabrics embedded with glass nanospheres that reflect so much light any photos taken with a flash will be ruined. Here's how it works:

Crowdfund it here
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Hand Drawn Silmarillion

In 2009 German art student Benjamin Harff created this 400 page hand drawn Silmarillion for his exam at the Academy of Arts using a steel pen and indian ink as well as brushes and watercolour. He created the goat leather binding himself with the help of a professional bookbinder. The project took six months to complete.

The illumination of the opening page of the book, seen below took more than 70 hours to create.