Friday, October 21, 2016

SkunkLock: The Bike Lock That Fights Back.

Any thief was tries to cut off the SkunkLock will be shot in the face with a noxious spray that makes him vomit uncontrollably. Yves Perrenoud and Daniel Idzkowski have created a carbon and steel lock with a hollow chamber to hold one of three pressurized gases including one called “formula D_1”. When someone cuts about 30% of the way into the lock the gas erupts in the direction of the gash.

Pledge $99 to their Indiegogo fund for your own SkunkLock in June 2017, pending risk assessment by their legal team.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Police Salvage Blind Writer's Inkless Novel Pages

Blind writer Trish Vickers wrote 26 pages of her book before realising her pen had ran out of ink. She doesn’t type or use a computer but has a system of elastic bands that guide her to keep lines. A volunteer comes in to type up her work and her son reads her work to her. They had a brilliant idea and called the fingerprint section of the Dorset Police Department. Officers there worked in their spare time to retrieve the lost work and Mrs Vickers got her manuscript back last week.

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The Fashion Institute of Technology is Cleaning out its Closet

1920s Gene London Collection dresses

The collection at the Fashion Institute of Technology currently includes about 50,000 garments and accessories, dating from the 18th century to the present. Next weekend they will be cleaning out their closet and auctioning off institutional property from their permanent collection. Believe me when I say this is not your neighbour's garage sale. This will be the first sale of the The Gene London Hollywood Collection, one of the world's finest collections of Golden Age Film Wardrobe. Pieces from other historical societies, institutions, museums, private collectors and estates will also be on the block.


Giorgio Sant’angelo metallic kimono fan blouse 1970s

Auction Site
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Blue-eyed chai-wallah becomes social media sensation

A blue-eyed 18-year-old tea-seller in Pakistan has scored a modelling contract after featuring in an Instagram post that went viral. Photographer Jiah Ali snapped the photo at a bazaar in Islamabad on Sunday. The tea seller is Arshad Khan, a teenager from Kohat district.

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The Octopus Hunters of Zanzibar

Each day, as the tide begins to ebb and the beachgoers return to their hotels, a small army of men and women armed with sticks and spears wade out across the coastal flats in search of one of the Tanzanian island's finest delicacies - octopus.
Photographers Tommy Trenchard and Aurelie Marrier D'Unienville have captured them as they go about their work.

Tanzania is the largest producer of octopus in the western Indian Ocean
- Aurelie Marrier D'Unienville

Mariam, an octopus hunter from Bwejuu village, plunges into the water to
 cool off after a morning's work - Tommy Trenchard

A lone woman searches for octopus in the evening beyond a seaweed farm
at Bwejuu - Aurelie Marrier D'Unienville

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