Saturday, August 27, 2016

Simone Giertz's New Shitty Robot Creation

Simone Giertz, the self-proclaimed Queen of Shitty Robots, has created a robotic peanut butter spreader.  Don't hold your breath if you're craving a peanut butter sandwich because this shitty robot ain't gonna make it for you.


Basket Is A Tribute to Mothers

Cultural Burdens is a lovely tribute to mothers, who carry the burdens of culture as well as literal burdens held in baskets.  This unique basket adorned with miniature baskets by Carol Emarthle-Douglas, Northern Arapaho/Seminole, won Best of Show at the 2015 Santa Fe Indian Market.

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8K Colours Of New York 2016

8K COLORS OF NEWYORK 2016 from jansoli on Vimeo.


All The Art In London In One Day

Alex Gorosh tried to see every piece of art in London in one day.

All the art in london in one day from Alex Gorosh on Vimeo.

Via: The Presurfer

Friday, August 26, 2016

Finger-Lickin' Bad

In September 1976, NY Times food critic Mimi Sheraton and Colonel Harland Sanders stopped into a Manhattan Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Colonel, then estranged from the company he founded, didn't hesitate to share his opinion of the food he was served (the words finger-lickin' good were not used).
Once in the kitchen, the colonel walked over to a vat full of frying chicken pieces and announced, 'That's much too black. It should be golden brown. You're frying for 12 minutes -- that's six minutes too long. What's more, your frying fat should have been changed a week ago. That's the worst fried chicken I've ever seen. Let me see your mashed potatoes with gravy, and how do you make them?"
When Mr. Singleton explained that he first mixed boiling water into the instant powdered potatoes, the colonel interrupted. "And then you have wallpaper paste," he said. "Next suppose you add some of this brown gravy stuff and then you have sludge." "There's no way anyone can get me to swallow those potatoes," he said after tasting some. "And this cole slaw. This cole slaw! They just won't listen to me. It should he chopped, not shredded, and it should be made with Miracle Whip. Anything else turns gray. And there should be nothing in it but cabbage. No carrots!"
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