Monday, October 05, 2015

Mermaid's Dollhouse!

Miniature artist Peter Gabel creates botanically correct flowers and plants out of paper. He also creates shell art and decorated eggs in 1/12th scale (1 inch is equal to a foot).
His incredibly detailed dollhouse made of sand and shells is absolutely adorable. If I were going to live under the sea I'd want a house just like this.

The Last Rose Of Summer


Since 2010 old rocking horses have been appearing in a deserted field in the town of Lincoln, Massachusetts. Some say two kids put up a lemonade stand to make a quick buck one summer and left some horses behind. Others say that it started with a single headless horseman that was put up as part of a Halloween show. Over the years the herd has grown to 42.

Photos: Boston Globe

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Sunday, October 04, 2015

This Film Was Shot Using an iPhone and a Water Drop Lens

"The camera depicts the memories of a water drop and a girl who have been together all the time.The two start to overlap, and eventually the boundaries of human beings and water drops melt down, leaving the audience in the warm silence of absolute nostalgia, where light is made of water."

The lens was created by dripping a drop of water into the center hole of a Japanese 5 Yen coin. The drop stays in the center of the coin thanks to surface tension, and the trembling of the drop introduces a “fragile” look to the distorted footage.

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Double Negative

A film noir cop gets a lesson or two from a beautiful, young English teacher.

Via Miss Cellania