Saturday, April 30, 2016

Harvey Nichols Celebrates Vogue's 100th Anniversary with a Centenarian Model

To celebrate British Vogue’s 100th birthday, Harvey Nichols launches a campaign starring Bo Gilbert, the first 100 year-old model to appear in the magazine. This video goes behind-the-scenes at Bo’s photoshoot with iconic fashion photographer Phil Pointer.



Illustration: Jennifer Dionisio

The biohacker movement has made DIY biology a popular hobby. At a Brooklyn lab you can dabble in genetic engineering. Genspace, a kind of co-working lab for scientists, offers a fully equipped research laboratory available for public use for a modest monthly fee.
One teenager diligently working at the lab was diagnosed with ADHD and is using Genspace in his spare time to figure out if he has a particular genetic signature for the disorder. He even got his school to allow him to collect DNA samples from other students for his investigation.

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The North American Bison Will Be US National Mammal

“The National Mammal declaration not only recognizes the historic role of bison in America, it celebrates the resurgence of bison as an important part of the American environment, diet, and an emerging part of the agricultural economy.”
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CV Of Failures

Johannes Haushofer, an assistant professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University, has published a CV listing his career failures on Twitter to encourage others to keep trying in the face of disappointment. The resume includes sections titled Degree programs I did not get into, Research funding I did not get and Paper rejections from academic journals. 

Haushofer says "This darn CV of Failures has received way more attention than my entire body of academic work."

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

During WW11 the Germans created an efficient storage unit for the safe transport of fuel. The American and British adopted it and renamed it a Jerry Can, "Jerry" being the slang term used for German soldiers.
Danish design firm One Copenhagen has repurposed "the can that won WWII" into handmade bar cabinets. The cabinets hold 2 x 70cl bottle of liquor and up to 12 glasses and come in a variety of colors.
If you want to buy one it will cost you $679 at aha. Ouch!