Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Darwin, Sinke & van Tongeren's Artful Taxidermy

In 2011, Ferry van Tongeren decided to quit the advertising business and become a taxidermist but soon  began to question the established ‘leg at each corner’ approach to the art. Jaap Sinke, a colleague from his days in advertising, understood his flamboyant approach, one that referenced Old Master paintings while being imbued with whimsical humour. In 2013 they founded Darwin, Sinke & van Tongeren where they create fine taxidermy.

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Lizzie and Joyce

I used this site to colourize it.

Poetic Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic integrates facade elements into his artworks in Lisbon, Atlanta, New York, Hawaii and Penang.

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Remembering the Worst Book Signing Ever

When my publisher’s in-house publicist Annie called to say she’d set up a booksigning for me at Sam’s Club, she said, “Don’t snark. It’s a good opportunity.” She said, “It’s not just any Sam’s. It’s a Grand Opening.” She said, “Sam’s moves a lot of books.”

She said, “Sedaris does Costco all the time.”

I know I should be grateful. Years later, I’ll realize how grateful. But for now, this is my first book and with each day its failure, my failure, becomes more obvious and heart-sinking...

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Undrunk Coffee Honours Victims Of Srebrenica Genocide

Coffee cups filled to the brim were left untouched at Yonge Dundas Square in Toronto but their owners will never return to drink them. The Bosnian community honoured those who perished in the Srebrenica genocide with a mobile installation called the Sto Te Nema? (Where Have You Been?) featuring over 3,500 porcelain cups collected from grieving families all over the world that represent the number of body remains found, identified, and buried to date.

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