Tuesday, June 28, 2016

'Come walk with me'

This landscape tapestry was created by artist Martha Cole in 1978,
 and features a scene near Disley, Sask. (Shauna Powers/CBC)

Saskatchewan fibre artist Martha Cole uses a quilting technique to create large pieces of textile art that look like paintings. One of her pieces features a grain elevator. Another highlights the prairie sky. It's massive in size at four-feet by eight-feet, and features only the tiniest slivers of ground before the sky takes over.

Artist Martha Cole created this piece in 2005 from cotton, fabric paint,
assorted threads and batting. (Shauna Powers/CBC)
Two of Cole's shows, called 70/70 Vision, continue at the Mata Gallery in Regina throughout the summer.

Via CBC News


60 million people in the mountainous regions of Ethiopia lack safe water. Women and children walk each day for miles to ponds with contaminated water which they collect and carry back in heavy plastic containers. Lack of clean water is a major source of disease.

Could Warka Water provide a solution? WW is a vertical  bamboo structure designed to harvest potable water from the atmosphere (it collects rain, harvests fog and dew). Easily assembled, it is estimated to collect up to 26.4 gal (100 L) of drinking water every day.

The name of the project comes from the Warka Tree, a giant wild fig tree native to Ethiopia. It is an important part of the local culture and ecosystem, providing its fruit and a gathering place for the community.

Learn more about WarkaWater

Monday, June 27, 2016

Yes You Can Re-Use Leftover Pickle Juice

Mr. Nag is fond of good quality pickles. I usually throw the brine down the sink when he's finished eating them but it seemed wasteful so I went to my good friend Google and found some uses for leftover pickle juice. This is one I wouldn't have thought of.

Make a “pickleback,” essentially a shot of pickle brine designed to follow a shot of (usually) not-so top shelf whiskey. The flavors are surprisingly simpatico, which explains why you’ll find the pickleback offered at many hipster and non-hipster drinking establishments.
If you're so inclined, listen to Nickleback when you're drinking it.

More uses here 

Shark Made Out Of an F-94 Bomber Fuel Tank

Megalodon is a kinetic shark-shaped sculpture made from a discarded wing mounted fuel tank from a F-94 bomber plane by Nemo Gould.

Megalodon 2016 (extended) from Nemo Gould on Vimeo.

I think it would make a great bar.

Italy's Handmade Amusement Park

76 year old Bruno has spent nearly four decades building an amusement park by hand. He has no formal engineering or construction training and designed rides inspired by the movement of nature.

Inside Italy's Handmade Amusement Park from Great Big Story on Vimeo.

Patrons can enjoy more than 40 manually-powered rides in the wooded region near Treviso, Italy, all for free.