Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dead man's fingers?

If I were walking through the forest and saw these poking through the ground I'd run like hell. Xylaria polymorpha is a saprobic fungus growing from the bases of rotting or injured tree stumps in woodland areas. Its elongated upright, clavate, or strap-like stomata rise out of the forest floor, much like the fingers of a corpse.


High Steel

This documentary directed by Don Owen in 1965 follows the Mohawk Indians of Kahnawake working in Manhattan erecting the steel frames of skyscrapers. The Mohawks also relate stories from their quieter community life on the Kahnawake Reserve in Quebec. It caught my interest because I grew up across the river from Kahnawake and went to high school with kids from the reserve around the time this film was made.


Dads are the Original Hipsters

Dads are the Original Hipsters is a blog that takes old family photos that show dads from all walks of life that look and act exactly like the hipsters of today. Here are a couple of examples of hipster dads:


And for your added enjoyment I've added a photo of my own Mr. Nag, the quintessential hipster dad:

Monday, May 30, 2016


Mária Švarbová is a self-taught photographer and art director based in Bratislava Slovakia. I like these swimming pool photographs a lot.

Photo, Concept: Mária Švarbová
Costume, Styling: Zuzana Hudakova, Martina Siranova
Models: Simona, Vladka, Michaela, Stanka, Lukas, Lea, Ivanka/M management/


Edible Six Pack Rings

Millions of animals have been harmed by plastic can rings. Saltwater Brewery in Florida has created a set of 3D-printed edible and biodegradable can rings that double as food for sea turtles and other susceptible species known for getting their necks trapped inside of rings. This design also represents a neat form of recycling, being constructed from byproducts of the beer-brewing process.