Thursday, July 31, 2014


As an environmentalist, Adam Fetsch wanted to give new life to the wine bottles that were thrown away after his gatherings. He decided to make candles but not just any candles. They are contained in recycled wine bottle holders and have distinctive wine bouquets like Cabernet with a black cherry, currant, smoke, burnt toast scent and Pinot Grigio with a sandalwood, wet stone and light citrus bouquet.  Merlot, Champagne, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc scented candles are also available ($19.95 each).

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What did Palestine look like in 1896?

Film footage of Palestine shot by cameramen employed by the Lumiere brothers in 1896 was recently published online thanks to Lobster Films. It shows Palestinians of all faiths – Christians, Jews and Muslims – living side by side, and praying side by side.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

U.K. To Allow Driverless Cars on the Road Next Year

I'm not sure if this makes me more or less nervous about driving on large highways:

Starting next year, driverless cars will be allowed on roads in the United Kingdom. The government has just passed a law allowing the cars to begin real world testing, starting in January 2015. Government officials will also be reviewing existing road regulations, as they will need to be adjusted for driverless cars.
In the U.S., Google has already been testing cars in California and Japan began public road testing in 2013.
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Don’t Let a Tucker Pass You By!

You can own a rolling symbol of the American dream when this 1948 Tucker 48 goes on the auction block on Friday, August 15, 2014.

This baby is finished in an eye-catching metallic bronze maroon and the broadcloth interior shows only light wear and may be the original material from 1948! The car retains not only a proper Tucker Y-1 transmission—the gearbox that it was meant to have when new—but also the correct, proper late dashboard switchgear and Kaiser-sourced door handles. Only 1,914 miles are recorded.

But what I really like is the third headlight on the Tucker 48 that was dubbed the “Cyclops eye”.



Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames

Before becoming a rap star, Ice Cube studied architectural drafting. Here he takes us on an architectural tour of LA.

Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames from Julie on Vimeo.


Farmers Who Grow Cocoa Beans Taste Chocolate For The First Time

Ivory Coast, in Africa, is the world's leading producer of cocoa beans and farmers there have been harvesting the crop for decades. But they'd never had a taste of the finished product until Metropolis TV, visited and offered them a taste of their first chocolate bar.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hawaii's Haiku Stairs Illegal Hike

The Haiku Stairs is one of the most extreme and beautiful hikes in Hawaii. It's also illegal but people still make the trek up and down the steel steps that were once operated by the Coast Guard to catch a glimpse of the view at the top of Puu Keahi a Kahoe on the island of Oahu. The Honolulu Board of Water Supply has jurisdiction over the hike and requires that anyone who goes up it sign waivers and present a $1 million liability insurance policy. The photos show why this trail is also called "The Stairway To Heaven".

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Marilyn Myller: A Stop-Motion Animation

This film by Mikey Please and Dan Ojari tells a story of creation and destruction using sculpted styrofoam models and complex long-exposure lighting. It's pretty amazing.

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Patent Prints

I love these posters of famous patents. There are 360 items available but it would be hard to choose just a few because they're all pretty groovy. 

The Miraculous Face Transplant of Richard Norris

Richard Norris had a face too hideous to show until a doctor gave him a miracle too fantastic to believe. Two years ago Norris received the "face of a recently deceased 21-year-old man," transplanted as "one solid flap, skin, muscle, bone, nerves, blood vessels, tongue—everything as one piece." Along with the new face Richard got a new life, and a new set of burdens too strange to predict. What's it like to live with a face that wasn't yours—and that may never quite be?