Saturday, November 18, 2017

Living Light, a lamp powered by photosynthesis

Dutch designer Ermi van Oers has created the Living Light, a lamp that uses microorganisms to convert the chemical energy that harvests its energy through the photosynthetic process of the plant. It can function off-grid to power entire smart cities.

Living Light from Ermi van Oers on Vimeo.

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Where can you travel without a visa?

Travelscope is an interactive visualization of all the countries in the world that you can travel to without a visa. As a Canadian I can travel to 146 countries visa-free or with visa on arrival.

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A tour of a rare first edition of the Whole Earth Catalog

Lloyd Kahn (of Shelter books) thumbs through his copy of the very first Whole Earth Catalog, the 64-page, fall of 1968 edition.

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That Time When Who Drummer, Keith Moon, Passed Out Onstage And Fan Took Over

In November 1973, Scot Halpin, a 19-year-old kid, scalped tickets to The Who concert in San Francisco, California. Little did he know that he'd wind up playing drums for the band that night -- that his name would end up etched in the annals of rock 'n' roll. The video below shows Pete Townsend asking for a drummer in the audience (at 1:19:10) after Moon passed out during "Won't Get Fooled Again." Halpin takes over.

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Secrets of the Rockettes’ Wooden Soldier Fall

It takes a lot of preparation to get 36 Rockettes in full costume to flawlessly complete the ultimate trust fall on the Radio City Music Hall stage during the Christmas Spectacular number, “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers.”