Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The MUNCHIES Guide to Drinking in Public This Summer

Because summer vacation just isn’t complete without some cheap thrills, allow me to present The MUNCHIES Guide to Drinking in Public This Summer . It's chock full of helpful tips like this one:

"The county fair is a little bit trickier if you’re trying to forgo the decrepit beer garden full of weird uncles with shriveled tattoos of mermaids. May we recommend a fake colostomy bag filled with tequila? (Don’t worry—they’ll assume it’s urine and be afraid to touch it. Plus, you can use it as an excuse to cut the line for the Gravitron!)"

Interesting Churches

These are links to churches that ended up in my virtual lap today:

The Red Menace: A Gallery of Anti-Communist Propaganda

Vintage propaganda warning people of the evils of communism pandered to their deep seated fears. Their heavy handed exaggeration - The Commies are at our door! They'll bomb us and rape our women! - would be hilarious if it weren't taken so seriously by a susceptible populace.

More: Open Culture

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Thieving Birds Steal Underwear

Mugshot of the felons  (Picture: Cascade)
If you decide to go skinnydipping in Angus, Scotland hide your socks and tighty whities.  Red kites have been stealing swimmers' undergarments to line their nests.

A red kite's newly decorated home (Picture: Cascade)
More: Metro News

Sicilian Cave Village Is Frozen in Time

Since the Palaeolithic period Grotta Mangiapane has been nestled in a cave between two mountains in Trapani, Sicily. The tiny village is named after the family who lived there until the 1950s and it consists of quaint earth-colored houses, a chapel, stables, workshops and one cobbled main street. It has been restored and functions as a living history museum that invites visitors to step back in time.

The Pleasures and Perils of Dress in the 19th Century

"From the challenges faced by those who produced fashionable dress to the risks taken by those who wore it, this exhibition provides thought provoking insights into what it means to be a fashion victim."
The dress and shoes below were made by mixing a deadly combination of arsenic and copper to make a colourfast green dye.

The photo below shows the terrible damage suffered by those who mixed it.

See the beaver fur hats made using mercury and the shoeshine boys and embroiderers who laboured for a pittance to make and maintain the footwear of the wealthy at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.

This Firehouse Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

Hook & Ladder 8, the New York City firehouse made famous by ’80s cult classic Ghostbusters, recently added a second ghost-themed crest on the sidewalk in front of its iconic building. It was painted by a firefighter who chooses to remain anonymous.


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Monday, July 06, 2015

Randall Rosenthal's Hyperrealistic Sculpture

New York sculptor Randall Rosenthal creates hyperrealistic sculptures using a single block of wood and trompe l'oeil painting.


Detroit Then and Now

Flora Borsi's Detroit series combines pictures from the previous century with recent photographs. In some cases the juxtaposition is disturbing.


Books in the films of Wes Anderson

Books figure prominently in Wes Anderson's movies: The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) begins with a homonymous book, as does Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) begins and ends with a book. Moonrise Kingdom (2012) ends with a painting of a place which no longer exists. Here's a selection of books from Wes Anderson's films.


Via: My Own Private Book Club