Thursday, July 24, 2014

A 1966 Camp Trailer Gets A Facelift

Alberta blogger and graphic designer Jen Eckert renovated a vintage 1966 camper that she purchased for $400. Isn't it adorable?

See the makeover at  Design*Sponge

Smallest Restaurants Around the World

Just because the square footage may be minimal, doesn’t mean a restaurant’s food can’t have big flavors. I prefer an intimate dining experience to eating in an arena type restaurant with the noise bouncing off the walls. Honest Cooking lists some dining establishments that prove you don't have to be big to be mighty.

Solo Per Due situated in the remains of a Roman villa in Vacone, Italy serves just two people at a time at their single table.

Kuappi in Iislami port, Finland is near the water and has only 25 square feet to its name. With a small terrace and full bar, the area can accommodate two individuals to dine along with a couple servers.

Moto Major Motorcycle 1949

Torinese engineer Salvatore Majorca created the revolutionary Moto Major concept motorcycle in 1949.  It was a work of art, both stylistically and mechanically.

Modular Pie-Cosahedron

Learn how to construct a pecan pie with the topology of a sphere from 20 triangular sub-pie modules attached with magnets. The pie is the easy part.

More: Instructables 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Impressions of Expo 67

This film by William Brind served as an invitation to the World's Fair that was held in Montreal in 1967. I lived in Montreal that summer and had the time of my life.

Trompe L'oeil Murals Turn Streets Of Iran Into An Optical Illusion Gallery

Iranian designer and street artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo paints murals on two-dimensional blocks of concrete  in Tehran. Ghadyanloo uses methods from op art and 3D painting to deceive the viewer’s eye.

More: Beautiful/Decay 

Thanks Bruce!

An Elaborate Corkscrew

Rob Higgs has always had a fascination with electrical and mechanical components and as a boy played with gears and old mercury tilt switches that he found in his Grandfather’s workshop. Look at this incredible steampunky corkscrew/wine pourer contraption he created.

Thanks Bruce!

Should You Wear Your Child’s Clothing?

Is wearing your children's clothing a fashion trend?

Via Reductress

In Turkey

Turkey from Istanbul, to the Black Sea Coast,  Eastern Anatolia,  Cappadocia and the Turquoise Coast.

In Turkey - 2014 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Only Fruit Tree You'll Ever Need

I'd love to have one of these in my garden!

Sam Van Aken, an art professor from Syracuse University, has developed the incredible Tree of 40 Fruit. In 2008, Van Aken learned that a very old orchard at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station was about to be shut down due to a lack of funding. Van Aken wanted to preserve the unique heirloom, antique, and native varieties of stone fruit so he bought the orchard and over the years grafted parts of the trees onto a single fruit tree. He has grown 16 of the trees so far.

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